Cugno dell’Anito farm covers 50 ha of land and produces cereals, foodstuffs for animals and organic extra-virgin olive oil.

A rural group of houses lies at its centre, probably built on the remains of an old Roman house, as is the case with most farm houses of the Mezzogiorno and of the Iblei area. However, we have no proof of this. Up to 1950, the farm belonged to an old noble lineage, and was bought by the father in law of Mrs. Dipietro Maria, who had just returned from Venezuela. The current owners have owned the farm since 1990. Mrs. Marinella, as she is called by her friends, being the daughter of an olive grower and owing to her fondness of olive trees, which are synonymous with peace and friendship among the peoples, has enhanced the prestige of the oil produced by her company and given it a reputation of quality extending beyond the local context.
The choice of the logo

The choice of the logo for Cugno dell’Anito organic extra-virgin olive oil was not accidental. The sun, whose symbol is shown on our labels, is one of the main contributors to the taste of our product. For more than 300 days a year in the valleys of the Iblei, in a sky without clouds or mist, the sun slowly makes the olives ripen giving them a unique taste.


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